Care & Maintenance

Proper care is very important to keep the furniture to its nice and beautiful appearance and comfort for many years. 

We suggest that you observe this simple care steps.



  • Cleaning with soft brush or dry lint-free cloth in essential for preserving the life of your furniture.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to constant sunlight or direct sunlight.
  • Recommended that your furniture shall be sprayed with fine furniture polish every six months.
  • Always use protective pad when writing with a ballpoint pen in the furniture surface.
  • Please carefully read instructions and ingredients of any type of chemical you may use before applying to the furniture.                   



  • Vacuum often to remove grit that can cause abrasion.
  • Do not place fabrics in direct sunlight, as it will cause color to fade.
  • Dyed cloths such as blue jeans transfer the color onto light-colored furniture.
  • Prevent any spills of drinks, liquid or water on upholstery or fabric products.


  • Microfiber is durable and repels water, most spills or stains can be cleaned with a damp cloth mild detergent such as a dish soap
  • Refrain from using regular household cleaners because these often contain bleach or fabric softeners which can break down the microfiber over time.


  • It is recommended to occasionally use professional cleaning products to maintain leather quality and softness.
  • Leather furniture can be clean and dust with a soft cloth or vacuum with soft brush extension.
  • Clean spills immediately. Use leather furniture cleaner for tough stains.
  • To avoid from fading be sure to place furniture away from direct sun light and heating vents.
  • Sharp instruments and animal claws might damage the leather surface.


Wooden Products

  • Dust regularly with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth with lightly moistened if necessary.
  • Water / liquid left over a prolonged period of time might cause severe finish damage.
  • Do not place wet or hot objects on wooden furniture. Use trivets or coasters to prevent damage.
  • Apply with good quality wax when necessary.


  • Do not apply cleaner directly to glass surface that might cause damage.
  • Wiping with lint-free cloth on glass surface with any good quality cleaner.


          Follow this simple and easy steps for your furniture care, it will make it last longer and always look nice and clean.

And Remember it all depends on  how you take care of your furniture.