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Armen Living

Multimix Contemporary 8x10 Area Rug in Beige/Black

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The Armen Living Multimix super shag rug is a Black and Beige, solid pattern marvel that provides you with a clean cut, contemporary home decor option. This beautiful, yet practical rug is excellent for large families due to its highly durably and stain resistant polypropylene fabric material. Though easy to clean and maintain, the Multimix does not compromise on its lush, soft textured surface. The brilliant weave of the rug is impressive to behold and certain to enhance the beauty of any living room. The rectangular cut of the rug makes it easy to place and maneuver. The impressive Multimix super shag rug is sold in 2 size options; 5x8 and 8x10 feet.
Product Dimensions: 130"W x 94"D x 1.5"H